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Potty Training & Emotional Development

Specialists agree that very few children are completely potty trained when starting before the age of three; and kids trained before age two usually regress sometimes before the age of five. Many experts define complete potty training as the ability for child to go to bed in regular cloth underwear and wake up dry eight hours later.

Spanking, yelling and threatening always backfires. In response to these actions, the child will become absorbed in battle with parent and become overwhelmed. Anxiety will rise to a negative level for the toddler. And the tension can result in negative retaliation creating major challenges including switching back and forth from potty training, poor eating habits and mood swings. Using food as a reward is not a way to entice toddlers into becoming potty trained. In fact, this can lead to harmful eating habits such as using food for emotional satisfaction.

Here are a few tips that have worked for others.