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Michigan & Second Parent Adoption

Michigan law currently limits adoption to married couples and single people. But legislation sponsored by Rep. Paul Condino, D-Southfield has been developed to allow second parent adoptions (including unmarried couples, the partners of gay couples or two relatives).

The effort is aimed at providing more prospective parents to the 4,500 foster children available for adoption in Michigan. Changing the law would offer children who are being raised in nontraditional homes options for better health care, benefits in the event of the death or disability of the primary caregiver and a second person who can legally handle emergency or everyday decisions.

Second parent adoption laws have been passed in nine states, and a handful of other states are considering similar action. Many child welfare agencies support the proposed legislation because they often work with unmarried partners caring for children. Local supporters include the State Bar of Michigan Family Law Section, the Michigan Department of Human Services and Gov. Jennifer Granholm.

Source: The Detroit News

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  • Anonymous

    Is this legal or not? Can I adopt my partner’s baby and be recognized as a legal parent or not? All I read about is the efforts and nothing listed as legalized?!

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