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Every Parent’s Travel Nightmare. A mom and toddler are removed from flight for no good reason by an aggressive flight attendant.

Kate Penland loves her kid’s personality. They were having a great time getting ready for take-off aboard a Continental Express plane, in Houston, when an altercation developed with a company flight attendant.

The 19-month-old boy kept repeating a phrase about the plane taking off and the attendant eventually told the mom she needed to investigate the power and pleasure of Baby Benedryl.

Other passengers began speaking up on the mom’s behalf, but the flight attendant got angrier and announced they were turning the jet around and that Penland and her son were going to be taken off the plane.

UPDATE: Passengers were stuck on the plane for 11 hours prior to the altercation between the mom and flight attendant.

Our buddy Greg, at Daddytypes.com provides an artist’s rendition of the airplane’s cabin section along with his own prescription for the hateful stressed-out flight attendant.