Community Support

Join America’s healthcare providers. Tell Members of Congress to fund healthcare for kids by raising the cigarette tax.

Families that do not currently have health insurance are likely to be eligible for the State Children’s Health Insurance Program (SCHIP), even if parents are working.

SCHIP is funded jointly by the Federal and State governments and administered by the States. Each state has different eligibility rules, but in most states, uninsured children under the age of 19, whose families earn up to $36,200 a year (for a family of four) are eligible. For little or no cost, this insurance pays for doctor visits, immunizations, hospitalizations, and emergency room visits.

Congress is debating the reauthorization of SCHIP. Federal tobacco revenue was used to finance the creation of SCHIP in 1997, and it can be used again to support the reauthorization and expansion of the program. You can help the 9 million kids in America who are unisured by contacting Members of Congress. Let them know SCHIP is a success and you are in favor of its continuation.