Adoption costs: Don’t forget the insurance!

Planning for adoption is, of course, a huge project. Paperwork, interviews, and legal counsel are part of the process. Anticipating the financial impact of adoption is critical.

First, you should create a reserve fund specifically earmarked for the adoption expenses. Put money in an interest-earning account that allows for easy withdrawals.

The next step is to create a financial plan and an estate plan. You should seek professional help with this one. The financial plan should be focused on your assets and liabilities. Your financial adviser can tell you how a new member of the family can affect your overall financial picture.

Don’t forget health insurance. Make sure the dependent coverage is available and in place before the baby arrives. Each insurance company is different, and fine print about restrictions and notification policies could present problems. You don’t want that.

Lesbian and gay financial advisors can be easy to find online. GayFinancialAdvisors.com helps the GLBT community locate a qualified and licensed financial advisor in your state. A qualified and licensed gay financial advisor will help individuals and couples plan and secure their child’s financial future.