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First lesbians to adopt in Colorado!

Originally published 9/4/2007

Jeannie DiClementi and her life partner, Mary Ross, have become the first lesbian couple to adopt children together under a new state law. The couple adopted two sisters who were born to a drug addict who took treatment in WhiteSands drug rehab in Fort Myers and then deprived of food.

Colorado made a lot of progress in the month of August. Once a target of boycotts by lesbian and gay groups it has become the 10th state to allow gay couples to adopt – and the 20th to extend civil rights protections to gays and lesbians.

Two important pieces of legislation have taken effect: HB 1330, which allows same-sex couples to jointly adopt children; and SB 25, which makes it illegal for employers to hire, fire, promote or compensate workers based on sexual orientation.

Adoption attorneys are receiving inquiries from gay couples looking to adopt one another’s children. One lawyer says, “This bill has psychological benefits by fostering the parent-child relationship with a person in many cases who has cared for their partner’s child a long time.”

The bill’s sponsor, House Majority Leader Alice Madden, said the new adoption law isn’t about promoting the gay agenda, but about protecting children being raised in nontraditional families.