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Idaho family may sue local police force. Sheriff shows lack of concern over ongoing harassment from community members.

Chukk Nielson, his partner and Nielson’s 11-year-old son don’t feel safe in their own home. They’ve been citizens of Ammo, Idaho for the last two years, but rarely enjoy a day in public.

Now the family is threatening to sue the Bonneville County Sheriff’s Office because of what Nielson says is lack of concern over ongoing harassment – if things don’t change.

Their house has been vandalized with eggs, a deer head was left in their mailbox, and the house was spray painted with words “fag” and “queer”. Toilet paper – with human feces wrapped in it – was recently thrown against their house.

Mr. Nielson says he’s had the police to his home at least a dozen times in two years. And this weekend they made three calls to the Sheriff.

“We’ve been told unless we physically see the perpetrators doing the action, that they can’t do anything about it.”

Nielson informed KIDK reporter Araksya Karapetyan that the estimated damage is close to $2,000 – but there’s no price on the emotional stress his family has endured.