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Film about gay Christians is an Oscar contender. “For The Bible Tells Me So” earns appreciative recognition.

The Free Press, in Mankato MN, is reporting on the incredible public response to the documentary For The Bible Tells Me So.

The film focuses on the debate about gays-in-the-church. And many pro-gay veterans of theological discussions give their positions on the subject throughout the documentary.

Former House majority leader Dick Gephardt and his daughter, Chrissy Gephardt appear together in the film.

In an interview with CNN’s Wolf Blitzer, Mr. Gephardt explains he’s not concerned about other people’s opinion of his family:

“I never cared about what people in my district or people generally would think about me because of my family. My family has always been the most important thing in my life. I love my kids. I will love them unconditionally and that, that just doesn’t equate for me. It doesn’t compute for me.”

Jake Reitan grew-up in Mankato, MN – and his family’s featured in the film. Jake came out to his family in high school and his Christian parents struggled to come to terms with giving up the dreams they’d always had for his future.

For The Bible Tells Me So was a nominee for Grand Jury Prize, at the Sundance Film Festival; and won the Audience Award for Best Documentary, at the Seattle International Film Festival. Now it’s one of several films being considered in the documentary category of the 2008 Academy Awards.

The film will be released on DVD in February and can be pre-ordered.

Photo: MankatoFreePress.com

3 thoughts on “Film about gay Christians is an Oscar contender. “For The Bible Tells Me So” earns appreciative recognition.

  • Anonymous

    Are there any african American gay folkes in this film. there stories need to be included.

  • Anonymous

    yes, there is an african american family in this film.

  • Anonymous

    I participated in that rally and my voice can be heard leading the singing of Amazing Grace in the background as the family was being arrested for walking on the soils of James Dobson’s ediface. I’m pleased to know that the film
    is successful and being a help demonstrating that there are gay people who are also Christian Evangelicals (though many folk and leaders of that community are still unwilling to deal with that reality).
    Bucks Co., PA

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