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Iowa second-parent adoption determined legal by the Supreme Court. Lesbian mom retains her rights after split with partner.

Two courts in Iowa have different views of adoption legislation in the state. The Supreme Court has sided with fair-minded citizens.

The AP is reporting on a story involving a female couple raising two children. One mom is biological, and one adoptive. They have separated, and the adoptive mom has asked the courts to determine custody and support for the kids.

Previously, a district court ruled that an unmarried adult can’t adopt without terminating the rights of both natural parents, and if one biological parent’s rights weren’t terminated – adoptions were not valid.

Records show that Heather Schott was in a relationship for several years with Jamie Schott, – the children’s biological mother. After relationship ended, Heather asked a district court to determine child custody, physical care and support for the two children.

The Supreme Court said the district court that granted the adoptions treated them like a “second parent adoption”. And that the district court issuing the adoptions had jurisdiction to grant the adoptions.

Furthermore, the high court found that terminating the biological parent’s rights would be absurd and not in the child’s best interests.