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UCLA studies gays and lesbians in Ohio. Finds several same-sex parents, and a growing trend of commitment among couples.

Research coming from the UCLA School of Law spotlights Ohio’s growing trend of same-sex parents.

Same-sex couples are raising nearly 12,000 children across Ohio and more than 2 percent of the state’s adopted children.

The UCLA study notes that lesbians and gay men in the Buckeye State are forming committed relationships more than ever before – jumping from just under 19,000 in 2000 to nearly 30,700 by 2005.

The research also compared homosexual and heterosexual couples, and researcher Adam Romero said the main difference highlighted in the report of same-sex parents having less income than married ones shows the need for same-sex couples to be allowed to marry so they can share and transfer benefits to their children.

The report findings include:

• Ohio had 335,110 gay, lesbian and bisexual people as of 2005.

• Same-sex parents make less money than married parents, with median incomes of $45,300 compared with $60,200.

• Cuyahoga County had 0.47 percent of same-sex couples. Franklin County, which includes Columbus, had the highest rate at 0.74 percent.

Article adapted by Proud Parenting from original press release.