Controversy behind a children’s book about gay penguins. “In The Life” explores the debate.

In The Life presents its new episode in April, called Challenging Convention. The show looks at same-sex animals that choose to cohabitate; and the program will be focusing on the children’s book And Tango Makes

“Tango” topped the American Library Association’s (ALA) list of the most challenged books in 2006, and the ALA named it as a Notable Children’s Book of 2006.

The book is based on a true story, and tells the tale of how two male Chinstrap penguins hatched an egg all of their own. What follows, is the charming story of how these two fathers nurture, and eventually hatch, the egg and welcome their new daughter, Tango, into their nest.

Now the ALA is reporting Loudoun County (Virgina) Public Schools Superintendent Edgar B. Hatrick III has decided to move the book from the public shelves of 16 elementary schools. It will be accessible only to parents and teachers. The action reverses the decision of a Sugarland Elementary principal and advisory committee who chose to maintain students’ access to the book despite a parent’s objection several months ago to the book’s gay-positive themes.

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    Actually, after banning the book, Hatrick changed his mind and put it back–because the complainant was not a parent in the school district. However, the penguinphobes throughout the U.S. have been loudly complaining.–Big Grandma (a librarian)

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