Lesbian and gay parents profiled: Surrogacy becoming popular among gay men in Australia

The Sydney Morning Herald recently informed its readers about the evolution of gay families in Australia. The number of lesbian and gay parents is increasing there and elsewhere – and the families are showing the world we can be outstanding guides and role models for our children.

Herald writer, Louise Hall, tells the story of nine-year-old Qona, a little girl born via artificial insemination. She has two lesbian moms and one gay dad.

“We call ourselves a family,” said Qona’s dad, Mark Harrigan (pictured with Qona).

He continues, “She knows she wasn’t created through sex – instead we tell her she was born scientifically – and she’s proud of it.”

ProudParenting.com member – Rodney Cruise, from Gay Dads Australia – told The Herald that lesbians have been raising children for decades in Australia, and gay men actively seeking fatherhood was a relatively new trend. Indeed, more intended dads are using a surrogate outside the country.

“Gay and lesbian people will have children and you can’t stop them,” Cruise said. “What makes a family is love and that’s what people care about – that the kids are loved, happy and well looked after.”

Image Source: The Sydney Morning Herald