Utah keeps gay parenting discussion in the closet. Proposed adoption bill loses battle without a public hearing

The Salt Lake Tribune is reporting a defeat for lesbian and gay Americans living in Utah. Legislation proposed by Rep. Rebecca Chavez-Houck would have repealed Utah’s ban on same-sex couples adopting children.

But reporter Jennifer Francis writes “the bill was closeted in the Rules Committee without a single public hearing”.

Rep. Chavez-Houck said:

“I have a number of families who [wanted] to testify at a public hearing to share their stories about what it would mean for them to adopt,” she said. “In a state that touts itself for its family values, I get concerned when the voices of all families are not allowed to be heard.”

“We’re going to keep bringing up [the adoption bill],” she said. “We won’t give up. The start of changing public policy is to at least have an open dialogue.”

Rep. Chavez-Houck was appointed to complete the term of former House Minority Leader – Ralph Becker, now Mayor of Salt Lake City. She hopes to be elected to a two-year term this fall.