Dublin court rejects donor’s request for child access. Calls for securing rights of lesbian and gay parents

Lucy Durnin – from U.K.’s Pink News – is reporting that an Irish gay man who donated his sperm to a lesbian couple has lost his legal bid for guardianship to his biological child.

The man filed the proposal in court although he signed an agreement that he would not seek the role of father but – instead – act as a ‘uncle’ and have access to the child at the discretion of the couple.

In its comments about the case, the Court referenced the growing number of same-sex couples who are becoming parents. Durnin reports:

“[Justice John Hedigan] said that judging by the evidence presented to the court, situations of same sex couples wishing to bear a child are occurring with greater frequency throughout the world than might have previously been thought.”


“He stated that there was nothing in Irish law to suggest that a family composed of two women and a child had any lesser right to be recognized as a de facto family than an unmarried man and a woman with a child.”

Image: pinknews.co.uk