Children with gay parents can be victims of homophobia

Canada’s Regina Leader-Post offers a glimpse into the lives of kids being raised by same-sex parents. The news source profiles 10-year old Brandin and his sister 12-year old Robin. The biological siblings were taken from their birth mother by the Children’s Aid Society, and adopted by their two moms immediately. The kids love their new family – and Brandin especially likes getting ‘double the love’. However they are still subjected to homophobia by peers.

The Leader-Post reports on research involving children of lesbian/gay parents: “Katherine Arnup, a Carleton University professor who’s written extensively about gay parenting issues, says the seriousness of homophobia depends on the age group and locale. Urban centres tend to be more open, aware and accepting. She says ages 12 to 15 – the hormone war zone ages where kids are developing their own sense of orientation – is where most of the jockeying and teasing goes on.”

Outreach opportunities exist for children of LGBT parents such as The Ten Oaks Project – a summer camp based in the Ottawa-Gatineau region. The camp is operated by volunteers and offers a unique setting for kids of LGBT families and queer-identified youth. Activities are designed to empower campers through play that enhances self-esteem, life skills, independence, leadership and self-confidence.

Image: Ten Oaks Camp