Fertility Cryobank offers video and pictures of potential sperm donors

Popular surrogacy agency for the gay and lesbian community – Growing Generations recently announced the launch of Fertility Cryobank on its blog. Fertility Cryobank is one of the few sperm banks in the country to provide recent photos and a comprehensive genetic evaluation for each donor – and it’s the only sperm bank in the world to provide videos of every donor, as well as rigorous psychological and IQ testing.

Being able to view photos and videos during the selection process gives future parents the freedom and comfort of knowing that they have made the best possible decision in creating their families through sperm donation.

According to the blog post, “Fertility Cryobank sits outside the industry paradigm with a client-centric approach. Its founders have structured the donor selection process as an innovative, interactive experience. Through Internet technology, Fertility Cryobank has made it accessible for any individual or couple to choose a donor in the privacy of their own home, with complete information available at their fingertips.”

Image: Fertility Cryobank

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    great sperm bank, expensive though

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