IT DIDN’T HAPPEN: South Carolina son charged with filing a false police report

On July 22, the Anderson County Sheriff’s Department charged an 18-year-old gay man with filing a false police report after he accused his father of assault.

“After conducting a thorough investigation and the lack of any forensic evidence to support the allegation of the assault, Dwight Clark Ables has been charged with 1 count of Filing a False Police report. He turned himself in today at the Anderson County Sheriff’s office,” read a press release from the Department’s Public Information Officer Suzanne Griffin.

Ables is currently being held at the Anderson County Detention Center where he awaits a bond hearing.

South Carolina: Straight dad beats gay son with baseball bat. Chases boy from home

An 18-year-old returning from a Pride festival in South Carolina was assaulted by his father with a baseball bat.

IndependentMail.com [in Anderson, South Carolina] reports:

“During the assault, the teen’s 49-year-old father yelled, cursed, swung a baseball bat, prayed and tried to ‘cast the demon of homosexuality out of him’…

“The teen told deputies that his father ‘has a problem with him being gay and that is why he hit him with the baseball bat Sunday’…”

13 thoughts on “IT DIDN’T HAPPEN: South Carolina son charged with filing a false police report

  • Anonymous

    It is something about

    “Honor your parents” and then……

    “Parents, do not provoke your children to wrath”

    Pauline epistles.

    These nuts cases like the “father” in the story seem to be attracted to these snakehandling brigades who dictate things we would shudder at if we knew the entire story.

  • Anonymous

    how can a child honor their parents when one of them is beating him with a bat?

    isn’t there a statement, respect your children and their choices
    as God has respected your right of free will and choice?

  • Anonymous

    Christ died for all of our sins and he did not exclude Gays. While we may not agree with their lifestyle, the ultimate decision rests with God not man kind. Man was not commissioned to carry out vengeance, he has that covered. Surely,God created heaven and earth and all that there in resides, he can handle homosexuality. The poor excuse of a father showed no love or mercy for his son. To the father, hate the sin and not the sinner, embrace your son and tell him how much you love him.. Help him deal with the day to day obstacles in his way.

  • Anonymous

    it is time to move from home kid, your pop is a nut-job and crazy too. it is a good thing when he beat you he was only trying to remove the deamons and not because he hated you just for being gay, it least it was a bat and not a bunch of snakes he usally prays with.

  • Anonymous

    i wonder if this father is a jehovah.. they are way out there. this man should move out and get a lawyer and show this man he cannot touch another human being. if he is against gays too bad. he is a nut case for aiming a bat a this son. gosh what does he do to the rest of his family.

    the jehovahs have a two witness rule this means if a child is molested they go before the elders and tell him if there was not witnesses then they do not believe the child.. this giy would fit right in and the no scream rule if a woman does not scream then she was not raped.. duh!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Only a fundie republican dad could be so misinformed and stupid. I bet he is a card carring Focus on the Family pitful group. Sad….. sad!

  • Anonymous

    How sad more so that the Bat swinger will probably cry religious persecution when he faces assault charges with a deadly weapon…

  • Anonymous

    I think it is time to move away from home, the father is a nut case and crazy too. its a good thing that the father only beat him to cast out the demons rather than hating the son for being gay

  • Anonymous

    Let’s see now. The assaulter is 49, the assaultee is 18. Looks like legal ages to me folks. Kid, I would move out and get a good lawyer and consider a lawsuit to your parent’s kook-filled fundie church as they are likely the root cause for giving your dad’s obvious mental-illness the pre-meditated justification to do an assault & battery number on you with a deadly weapon. Get that church, who obviously provided the impetus to daddy inferiour to comit this felony, a summons and drag their sorry butts in court for a five-to-six-figure settlement.

  • Anonymous

    The father is a nut case – a homophobic who uses religion as a shield against that which he can not fathom. Though it exists – though many of “God’s” children are homosexual – such people as this father refuse to accept the homosexual. Instead – refuting Jesus’ teachings of love – and instead – resorting to the worst possible violence against one of God’s children. God loves all his/her children – even those with what may be considered “flaws”. Humans can find all sorts of ways to treat other humans as garbage. Resorting to the use of God’s (supposed) words – is a low point in their attempts to gain power over others.

  • Anonymous

    Wake up, it’s the 2000’s. R U gonna beat your 18 yr old kid with a bat cause he’s gay? I can understand the denial to a degree, but what is…is. Some people need to learn that there is a brain on their shoulders and they can actually use it to figure things out.

  • Anonymous

    Since it turns out it never happened.
    Boy what revealing comments.
    P.S. I am gay.

  • Anonymous

    i know Dwight Ables. he is a liar and i was at that pride festival with my parents who are lesbians and i saw him there i hadnt seen him in months but he saw me and came up to me and jumped on me and huged me and we talked and walked around and told me one lie after another finally i got away from him and was hanging out eith my other friends that came there with me and they were telling me how he was teling them all kinds of lies and at gtay pride he never said anything about his parents he told me that he got a ride up there to atlanta (which is where it was)with some guys which are also gay and said that they were going to leave him but if they didnt and he went with them that they would rape him. and after that i havent heard from him.

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