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Lesbian moms and gay dads are ‘marriage material’

Gay and straight couples have more in common than most people realize. A new study – from the University of Illinois – indicates that factors influencing straight couples into marrying are also influences on gay marriages.

Science Codex reports that same-sex couples with children and strong religious beliefs prompt partners to make legal commitments with each other.

“…mothers and fathers in this study were 3.5 times more likely to have had a commitment ceremony than lesbians or gay men who lived together and had legalized their relationship but had not been part of a commitment ritual,” said Ramona Faith Oswald, a U of I associate professor of family studies.

Oswald theorizes that same-sex couples want to model an example of commitment for their children by formalizing their own. It’s interesting to note that not all same-sex couples want legal protection. However, parents – gay or straight – often do.