Principal “destroying core fibers” of California elementary school

Powerblogger – lezgetreal – exposes just one troubling incident involving Anna Barraza, an elementary school principal in the L.A. area who’s actions [and inaction] have created a loud chorus of negative discourse.

One parenting group has organized to get their message out. On its website, the Concerned Dolores Community exclaims: “Principal Anna Barraza is destroying the core fibers of this great educational institution.”

lezgetreal writes about a particularly troubling situation Barraza mishandled, “A young boy at Dolores Elementary, in CA was jumped and beaten by two other boys. These young kids had found out that he had two Moms, and let him know what they thought about it with their fists. The teacher’s of the school, well aware of the situation, sent the three boys to the principal’s office.

“Now what would you want your Principal to do here? I know! You would want her to: not call you, not punish the boys who attacked your son, not call their parents either, and not do anything but wave them back to class and out of her hair.

“No parent would want that, on either side I would hope, but that’s exactly what she did. Principal Barraza, with a work record that reads like a rap sheet if bad teaching were a crime, was not surprised when one of the two Moms showed up with some serious concerns. Unfortunately, the concern for one of her students was not shared.”

LGR offers an exclusive interview with one of the parents in a recent blog post.