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Straight Americans urge supporters of gay marriage to continue fight for equality

The Texas-based organization – Atticus Circle – is an organization for straight Americans who support gay rights. The group is urging supporters to continue to fight for equality on marriage issues, even as four states have passed ballot measures in the 2008 elections curtailing the rights of gay Americans. The group is particularly concerned for those children with two mothers and two fathers who will be adversely impacted by the new laws.

Anne S. Wynne, founder of Atticus Circle, states:

“Often overlooked in the debate about gay marriage is the impact marriage inequality has on the children of lesbian and gay couples. How can the children in my family have rights that other children in this country are denied? It is time for us straight families and allies to stand up and stand with our gay and lesbian friends, who are being systematically denied the most basic rights and recognition – the very things we, in the heterosexual world, take for granted day after day.”

Atticus Circle educates and mobilizes fair-minded straight people to advance equal rights for LGBT partners, parents, and their children. The group’s efforts focus on education and policy development. Attic Circle seeks to create cultural and attitudinal change by helping people understand the unique challenges and discrimination same gender couples and their families face, and by encouraging acceptance of all families and partnerships. Atticus Circle conducts research, publishes materials, and works with businesses and policy institutions to develop ideas and policies that foster equal rights for same gender partners and their families.

Add your name to a growing online grassroots network and join thousands of other Atticus Circle supporters willing to stand up for fairness, acceptance and equality.

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