Triplets Makin’ Waves: Triplet Connection national gathering in California this July

Triplet, quad, and higher order multiple families are invited to attend the annual Triplet Connection Convention set for July 10 – 12, 2009. The schedule features educational, support, and social activities in Irvine and Newport Beach, CA, as well as the world’s only triplet parade.

The meeting, sponsored by non-profit The Triplet Connection, takes place primarily at Hyatt Regency Irvine, 17900 Jamboree Blvd, Irvine. An off-site beach party and the annual Triplets & More Parade will include more than 100 sets of marching and dancing triplets, quads, and quints in Newport Beach on Saturday. Multiple families from all over the U.S. are encouraged to participate, from babies to college-age young adults. Themed “Triplets Makin’ Waves,” the weekend event offers a full schedule of support and learning opportunities designed for parents along with simultaneous age-appropriate kids’ activities.

Workshops will teach adults to be better multiple parents, while children socialize and enjoy entertainment and activities with kids just like them.

Teens and young adults will have a special parent-free forum to exchange ideas addressing the challenges of growing up with several siblings the same age.

Pre-registration is required for the convention, which is open to all families with triplets, quads, quints and more; membership in Triplet Connection is not necessary. Convention fees, ranging from free to $93 per person for the entire weekend, are below cost to make the event affordable to as many possible. For fee details, full convention schedule, and registration form go to TripletConnectionConvention.com. Those without Internet access should contact Kree Lindsay, convention director, at 562-944-3395. Hyatt Regency Irvine room charges, which are $129 per night, are not included in the registration cost and must be booked directly with the hotel by calling 949-975-1234.

According to its website, Triplet Connection Convention is the only national annual event of its kind for triplets and higher order multiple families, rotating to a new U.S. city each year. The Triplet Connection is the oldest international non-profit organization offering a network of education, sharing and support for parents expecting or raising triplets or larger multiples. In addition, the group houses a comprehensive database, available to medical professionals and others involved in higher order multiple research. The group was founded by Janet Bleyl, mother of 10 children including identical triplets, so that others would have access to information and emotional support she did not. Member families live throughout the U.S., Canada and abroad on every continent.