Gay families highlighted in Equality California public education campaign

Equality California has launched a new mobilization and public education campaign with a pair of ads featuring gay families.

According to the group: “The first ads are scheduled to air statewide starting Monday. Over the next hundred days, volunteer canvassers will knock on 40,000 doors in targeted communities as well as enlist 100,000 activists to serve as Equality Ambassadors, who will pledge to have conversations about marriage with at least 300,000 California residents. To help meet the campaign’s ambitious goals, EQCA is currently hiring and placing 25 full-time field organizers throughout the state, including the Central Valley, the Inland Empire, San Diego, Sacramento, Los Angeles and Orange Counties. Six organizers have already been hired. ‘This campaign is for every person in every community in every part of our state, and it will empower our diverse community and allies to win marriage back together,’ said Andrea Shorter, EQCA coalition coordinator. ‘We will also enlist 1,000 clergy in the next 100 days to help spread the word that marriage equality is a spiritual value as well as a civil right.’ EQCA will also organize major outreach events with faith, grassroots and community leaders as part of the campaign specifically working with African American and Latino communities.”

Watch the ads: