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Lesbians now have the option of conceiving at home

Sepal Reproductive Devices has developed the first insemination kit for women to use in the privacy of their own home. The Total Conception Kit provides couples with the highest technology of at-home insemination devices at affordable costs.

The Total Conception Kit separates itself from other options available because it provides couples with an actual Intra-Cervical catheter for insemination which couples could likely see similar devices in their doctors’ office. The kit has everything from ovulation predictor kits, fertility friendly lubricant, pregnancy tests, non spermicidal condoms for semen collection, cervical caps, a speculum, and the catheters for performing the insemination. This is the first complete lesbian insemination kit on the market.

All of these devices in The Total Conception Kit make the process of trying to conceive affordable, convenient, intimate and most importantly private for lesbian couples. The lesbian insemination kit promises to change the face of lesbian conception by allowing couples to have an intimate and private experience when trying to conceive. Contact Sepal Reproduction Services to learn more.

Article adapted by ProudParenting.com from original press release