Montana lesbian mom creates documentary film that explores religious extremes

Mississippi Queen is a new documentary film that investigates one family’s struggle with “ex-gay” ministries and the reality of being gay. The film, created by Paige Williams, involves a woman, her partner, and their son living a happy life in spite of her parents’ creation of an “ex-gay” ministry.

Williams and her partner of 10 years are raising their son in Missoula, Montana – a relatively progressive town. Jack was born via artificial insemination.

Her parents are founders of In His Time – an “ex-gay” ministry.

“I love my parents,” Paige said. “That’s the whole thing. Some of the hardest challenges we face are how we disagree theologically with the ones we love.”

According to Missoulian.com, the film wants to find the answer to the biggest mystery: How this love between Williams and her parents remains so strong and binding, despite the great rift between them.

Paige interviews her parents, the pastor of her childhood church, a couple of “ex-gay” ministers – including one who said she’ll probably live a life of celibacy because “I’m just not attracted to men” – and others who were either converted by the ministry or repelled by it.

“Mississippi Queen” is a 63-minute documentary about her journey home and her coming to terms with a painful past. The film, released by Paige’s Porch Productions, has already won numerous independent film awards, and will make its Missoula debut this week at the Wilma Theatre.