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School’s out! It’s time for a play date with ‘Playhouse Disney’

Walt Disney Records has created the perfect background music for play dates with their release of Playhouse Disney Music Play Date. This must-have for preschoolers and their parents features a collection of favorite songs from Disney Channel’s popular preschool shows.

Playhouse Disney says it wants to promote “Learning Powered by Imagination” with this musical compilation. Kids can sing along with their favorite songs long after the TV programs have ended.

Music Play Date features 29 tracks – including previous favorites from Playhouse Disney albums.

Playhouse Disney Music Play Date songs include:

  • Handy Manny Main Title Theme Handy Manny
  • Hop Up, Jump In Handy Manny
  • Playing In the Sun Handy Manny
  • Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Theme Mickey Mouse Clubhouse
  • Hot Dog! Mickey Mouse Clubhouse
  • Mickey’s Mousekedoer Mickey Mouse Clubhouse
  • Imagination Movers Theme Imagination Movers
  • Puppy Dog Imagination Movers
  • Kick It Imagination Movers
  • The Happy Little Monkey’s Song Ooh and Aah
  • What’s Monkercise Ooh and Aah
  • Freeze Dance Choo Choo Soul
  • Move Like a Chicken Choo Choo Soul
  • Special Agent Oso Theme Special Agent Oso
  • Johnny and the Sprites Theme Johnny and the Sprites
  • My Friends Tigger & Poo Theme My Friends Tigger & Poo
  • Nothin’ Can Bounce Like a Tigger My Friends Tigger & Poo