Circle to present Surrogacy Seminar in Atlanta for gay couples and singles

Coinciding with the annual American Society for Reproductive Medicine [ASRM] conference, the seminar will feature personal stories of a parent and a Tennessee surrogate mother, along with legal expert advice, practical tips and contacts for gay men who want to become parents. Also for the first time – innovative surrogacy programs such as “Guaranteed Baby” and surrogacy with the use of an Egg Bank and Egg Sharing.

Circle Surrogacy is offering a unique seminar about parenting options through surrogacy for residents of Georgia and other south-east states.

Saturday, October 17 ~ 3:00 to 5:00PM ~ Four Seasons Hotel
75 Fourteenth Street, Atlanta

The seminar is a response to the growing interest in surrogacy among gay couples and singles from the area, and given the many new developments in the field. The agency reports that the number of inquiries from this area has gone up consistently in recent years, even during the current recession.

The program will include a presentation by a surrogate from Tennessee [also the mother of four herself], a parent through surrogacy, along with legal and practical advice from John Weltman, the president and founder of Circle Surrogacy. Weltman will also discuss several new programs, including the Guaranteed Baby plan and innovative egg donation arrangements that make the process more affordable for parents, without any compromise on quality and pregnancy rates. “We can now offer prospective parents the optimal combination of reasonable costs, very high certainty of success, minimal legal and medical risks, and proud and reliable surrogates” says Weltman.

Circle Surrogacy has been helping couples and singles have children through surrogacy for more than 13 years, including a growing number of families from the south. The philosophy of this gay-owned agency is to facilitate a circle of families who help create new families. The surrogate mothers who get accepted to the program (only about 1 out of every 30 applicants) are highly suitable and motivated to help intended parents have children, and Circle assures that their spouses are also completely aboard with this endeavor. The agency is also unique in the sense that it also screens their intended clients and make sure that they are willing to treat the egg donors (who sometimes are friends or family members) and surrogate mothers with the full respect and appreciation they deserve. Most of the people working at Circle are either parents through surrogacy, or former surrogates or egg donors themselves. “We are proud of how we created our families, and are motivated to help others fulfill their dreams as well,” says Weltman.

The seminar is expected to last about two hours. The agency is also offering individual consultations for prospective parents who would like to further explore these options while Circle’s representatives are in Atlanta.


Admission is free. For registration and more information, email nancy@circlesurrogacy.com.

Image: Jennifer, a Circle surrogate from Tennessee