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Gay teenager compensated by New York school district that failed to stop bullying

The New York Civil Liberties Union won a judgement for a bullied teen [pictured] in New York’s Mohawk Central School District. As a result, the District must compensate the 14-year old student for failing to protect him from relentless harassment, physical abuse and threats of violence.

The Observer-Dispatch:

The student, whose name has never been made public and who attorneys refer to as Jacob, will receive a payment of $50,000 from the school district. Mohawk also must pay $25,000 in legal fees to the civil liberties union, and the district must reimburse the student for professional counseling through June 2013 at a rate of up to $100 per week.

Jacob has since moved to a neighboring district, where he is said to be much happier. Jacob’s father, Robert Sullivan, who has a different last name, said the money “is for Jacob’s future” and hopes that the settlement inspires other districts to change.

“Maybe this can be a door-opener for other schools,” Sullivan said.

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