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Anti-gay pediatrician group targets schools with homophobic propaganda

Taking a position contrary to that of the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), a newly formed anti-gay pediatrician group has sent a letter and “fact sheet” about youth sexuality to each of the United States’ 15,000 school superintendents.

From EDGEFtLauderdale.com:

The group’s 15 members call their organization American College of Pediatricians. The stance taken by the group contradicts the official position of the 60,000-member American Academy of Pediatrics, in that it claims that GLBT youth are simply passing through a “transient phase,” and that homosexuality can be reversed or “cured.” Although it is not uncommon for heterosexual adolescents to experiment, their sexuality becomes clear soon enough; gay and lesbian youth go through the same process. There is no evidence, however, that “confused” youths can be “converted” in homosexuals–or that gay teens can be “cured.” So-called “ex gays” claim that they have been “converted” to heterosexuality, but many of them also say that they continue to “struggle” with homosexual feelings and impulses, and others say that they have suppressed their same-sex urges–but only at the cost of suppressing their sexual desire completely.