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Problems with disclosure issues in foreign adoptions leads to more hurt children

Complaints continue to mount against adoption agencies by parents claiming they were inadequately informed [or ill-prepared] for problems their children turn out to have. This is especially problematic for international adoption.

From NY Times:

No organization tracks the number of cases against adoption agencies, and academics and industry officials say many are settled out of court and sealed, so the outcomes are unknown. But these days, “a far greater percentage of these wrongful adoption suits relate to international adoptions,” said Marianne Blair, a University of Tulsa law professor.

Chuck Johnson, acting chief executive officer of the National Council for Adoption, an advocacy group, said, “There have been a growing number of families that have sued when they adopted a child from another country.” Some lawsuits, Mr. Johnson said, come from families “expecting you to do the impossible when you did all you could,” but he said there had also been “agencies that have purposely concealed information.”