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You can help stop student bullying by supporting the Safe Schools Improvement Act

To help honor the one year anniversary of 11-year old Carl Joseph Walker-Hoover’s suicide, GLSEN encourages everyone to contact members of Congress and urge them to support the Safe Schools Improvement Act. It’s legislation that will require schools receiving federal funding to enact policies to prohibit bullying and harassment; and provide them with resources to prevent and respond to incidents when they occur.

Carl [pictured] took his life on April 6, 2009, after enduring constant bullying at school, including being called gay and a faggot despite the fact he did not identify as gay.

Sign the petition and send a photo of Carl to your member of Congress and urge them to support the Safe Schools Improvement Act.

According to GLSEN, the Safe Schools Improvement Act will strengthen the Safe and Drug Free Schools and Communities Act to ensure that:

  • Schools and districts have comprehensive and effective student conduct policies that include clear prohibitions regarding bullying and harassment;
  • Schools and districts focus on effective prevention strategies and professional development designed to help school personnel meaningfully address issues associated with bullying and harassment;
  • States and districts maintain and report data regarding incidents of bullying and harassment in order to inform the development of effective federal, state, and local policies that address these issues.

GLSEN provides a list of anti-bullying programs and resources to help school communities address bullying.

GLSEN also provides Safe Space Kits – which include posters, stickers and comprehensive guide. The Kit’s intended to enlighten educators about LGBT-identifying students and their allies.