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Mother of four – and Iron Chef – Cat Cora brings help to Haiti

Lesbian mother of four – Cat Cora – is helping bring relief to Haiti along with former Sen. Bob Kerrey and Timberland CEO Jeff Swartz. Cora is the founder of the relief group Chefs for Humanity [pictured], which delivers nutritional aid to those who badly need it.

Kerrey, who lost part of a leg while serving in the Vietnam War, helps provide aid at a Handicap International center that provides prosthetics for those who lost limbs in the quake. The group also visits a Partners in Health clinic that’s working to give Haitians access to health care.

According to Zap2it: “The goal of their trip was not just to parachute in and offer temporary assistance, but to help Haitians develop things like sustainable agriculture and nutritional education that can have lasting effects for months and years down the line.”



BABY NEWS: Cat Cora and Jennifer Cora

‘Iron Chef America’ star Cat Cora is cooking for five after wife Jennifer Cora gave birth to their third child on Saturday, OK! Magazine reports.

The couple’s representative explains why they chose the name Thatcher Julius for their new son.

“Cat and Jennifer loved the old English name Thatcher, and Julius was Jennifer’s grandfather’s name. Both mom and baby are doing great!”

Cat is also pregnant with another boy and due in a few months.

They have two other boys, Caje and Zoran.

Cat has previously revealed that all the children have the same sperm donor.

Iron Chef and wife each pregnant with a boy

Chef Cat Cora [l], star of Food Network’s Iron Chef America and Executive Chef of Bon Appetit announces she is 4-1/2 months pregnant with a boy. At 41, this is her first pregnancy and the fourth child for the Cora family. Cat and her partner, Jennifer [r], have two sons and Jennifer will deliver their third child, also a boy, in April. “Jennifer and I are thrilled to go through the wonderful experience of pregnancy together. We started the in-vitro process 5 years ago,” said Cat who is due in July. “This has been a miracle for us and we’ll now have 4 beautiful children.”

Together for nearly ten years, the Cora’s share a unique family story in which both women have carried the other’s biological child. Cat’s pregnancy is a result of in-vitro fertilization with Jennifer’s embryo. The couple’s sons, ages 5 years and 23 months, were both carried by Jennifer. She was artificially inseminated for her first pregnancy, but the second she carried to term using Cat’s embryo. In Jennifer’s current pregnancy, both women’s embryos were implanted, so the biological mother is unknown. They do not to plan to conduct DNA testing to determine the baby’s biological mother.

Each of the couple’s children was conceived through insemination or in-vitro with the same anonymous sperm donor, making the children biological brothers.

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  • Anonymous

    Hello Chef Cat Cora,, I just want to say congrates to you,, I am a big fan of your , watch Iron Chef America all the time ,, . I read your article , i am with my partner for almost 5 years and we have a 5 month boy at boy, we went thou invitro as well i am the biological mother,.. Hopefully within this year my partner will adopted him … Congrates again..

  • Anonymous

    Good luck and God bless………3 boys are a handful but so much fun…..be paitent, be flexable, and most of all never lose your sense of humor….you will need it!!!!

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