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Lesbian surrogate will lead South Carolina Equality

After giving birth as a surrogate for her two gay friends, Utah’s Rep. Christine Johnson is moving to South Carolina – to head South Carolina Equality. This month, she gave birth to the baby, a boy. Johnson reports the infant is healthy and at home with his dads, both close friends of hers. She plans to maintain an aunt-like relationship with the child, who is the biological son of Johnson and one of the two gay men.

“It doesn’t feel like giving the baby away,” Johnson said in an interview. “It feels like sharing the way we have intended to share.”

“I’m feeling really excited about my new responsibilites and the opportunity to create some positive change in another conservative state,” said Johnson, who plans to return to Utah in the future to visit friends and the baby.

Utah’s Rep. Christine Johnson a surrogate for gay couple

Lesbian lawmaker – Rep. Christine Johnson – announced she’s a surrogate, carrying a baby for two male friends who happen to be gay.

The Salt Lake City Democrat says she decided to become artificially impregnated with one of the men’s sperm after they expressed frustration over the difficulty of adopting a child in Utah. Utah law prohibits unmarried couples from adopting and does not recognize gay marriage.

The 41-year-old Johnson, who has a 17-year-old daughter from a 2-year marriage, is four months pregnant and expecting on June 21. Johnson offered to be a surrogate at no cost to save the Salt Lake County men the prohibitive cost of hiring one.