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WATCH: McDonald’s French television commercial features gay teen in love

McDonald’s focuses on a teen crush in one of its latest French ads, and the infatuation happens to include two boys. The fast food giant’s commercial features a dad and son at the restaurant. Dad is at the counter ordering food – while his son is looking at photos of his classmates and longingly talking to someone on his cell. Viewers learn at the end of the commercial that the son attends an all-boy school.

The dialogue:

SON looking at his class picture and talking on the phone: “I was thinking about you too. I’m looking at our class picture. I miss you too. My dad’s coming, I have to hang up.”

DAD sitting down: “Is this your class picture? You look just like me at your age. Let me tell you, I was quite a ladies’ man! Too bad your class is all boys…you could get all the girls.

McDONALD’s text on black screen: “come as you are”