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Cynthia Nixon wants to defeat anti-equality New York Senators

Fight Back New York knows from the December 2, 2009 marriage vote that 30 Republicans and 8 Democrats do not support marriage equality.FBNY determines where efforts will have the most impact in a race that involves an anti-equality incumbent being challenged by a pro-equality candidate.

FBNY works with partners to engage in primary, general, and special elections. While 38 senators deserve defeat because of this vote, FBNY focuses on the best opportunities to defeat our enemies. Campaigns will be targeted and intense.


Cynthia Nixon responds to homophobic Newsweek article

Sex and the City’s Cynthia Nixon – out mother of two – responds to a recent Newsweek column that questioned if openly gay actors can play straight characters in film and plays. Cynthia said, “I think it’s horrible. …I just feel like it’s hard enough to encourage people to come out of the closet without it affecting their careers. I think it’s set us back ten years.”

Meanwhile, Newsweek faces calls for a boycott and demands for an apology.

“Sex and the City 2” will be in theaters throughout the summer.


Cynthia Nixon fights to keep homophobe out of office

Award winning actress – Cynthia Nixon – is helping a political group pass marriage equality in New York state. Initially, the group hopes to keep State Sen. Hiram Monserrate [Queens] – a “no” vote in the marriage equality debate – from winning back his seat.

“I am a lifelong New Yorker yet still do not have the same rights as most of my friends and neighbors,” Nixon says in the video made by Fight Back NY, which is going after senators who were against the marriage equality bill when it came to the floor for a vote last year.


Cynthia Nixon and ‘citizen lobbying’

Prolific actress [and lesbian mom] Cynthia Nixon shares a story on HuffPost about deeply religious Senator Ruth Hassell-Thompson [D], who voted ‘yes’ to marriage equality in New York. Nixon worked with the Senator through her decision-making process, and witnessed a change of heart in the lawmaker.

Cynthia writes: “She spoke about how her mother had been a deacon in their church at a time when previously only men had been deacons. And how controversial that had been. And how vehemently many people opposed her mother’s appointment. And how none of those opposed could give any explanation for why her mother becoming a deacon was wrong, just that it was. Because it was new. Because it was shocking. Because it was an idea that took people a little time to get used to. She voted yes because gay people and straight people walked through her door in droves and wrote her letters and called her on the phone. And because she is a person of conscience. And because of one more thing that she didn’t tell us in her office that day: because she has a brother who is gay. I think of Ruth Hassell-Thompson and understand that citizen lobbying is important. So is getting involved with campaigns. So is contributing money. So is talking to your neighbors, and co-workers and family. More important than ever.”

Making it official: Cynthia Nixon and Christine Marinoni are getting married!

Actress Cynthia Nixon [Sex and the City] and longtime girlfriend Christine Marinoni are engaged.

Nixon broke the good news at the gay marriage rally in New York City on Sunday. Governor David Paterson and Mayor Michael Bloomberg were also at the event.

Cynthia was previously married to Danny Mozes and has two children with him. They split in 2003. Christine is a public school advocate in NYC.

Congratulations moms!

WATCH Cynthia announce the engagement:

Cynthia Nixon and family at Disneyland

Our friends at Queerty have shared a great photo of our favorite Emmy-winning lesbian mom, Cynthia Nixon.

Says Queerty, “Prior to riding in the Rose Bowl on New Year’s, the onetime Sex and the City star took her partner Christine Marinoni and their kids Charlie and Samantha to the Happiest Place on Earth. It’s not news, but it’s cute and it’s nice to see Disney publicist’s distributing press about gay celeb family visits as merrily as they do straight celeb fams.”

This spring, Cynthia told reporters, “I’m in a fantastic relationship. We shop and cook and raise children. We both pitch in.”