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Anti-gay Westboro Baptist Church website brought down by hackers

A hacker named The Jester took credit in a twitter update for having torn into the Church’s website in protests against its pickets on the funerals of American servicemen with anti-gay signs.

The Jester shot to fame with denial of service attacks against WikiLeaks around the time the site released US diplomatic cables late last year.

The hacker is known to have helped develop an attack tool for assaulting jihadist sites, a utility he has taken to applying to a range of targets, including WikiLeaks, and also, it is suspected, the controversial church, led by anti-gay Fred Phelps. The tool attacks sites at the application level and is therefore more sophisticated than the packet-flooding LOIC that’s become the main artillery piece in assaults by Anons against those who have earned the loosely knit group’s collective displeasure over recent months. The site remains unreachable.