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Baby, stranded in Ukraine, to join gay dads after two years

Samuel Ghilain, born 2 years ago to a surrogate in Ukraine, has been unable to leave that country and join his fathers – married Belgian men [pictured], living in the south of France. Because of legal (and perhaps homophobic) obstacles, the country has not issued the boy a passport. The long separation seems about to end. The Belgian Foreign Ministry issued him a passport Monday, and he should arrive in Brussels within days. Belgium is largely silent on surrogacy and any rights a child born via surrogacy might have, leaving the way open to different interpretations. Failing to find a suitable gestational surrogate in Belgium, the couple dealt with an agency in Ukraine they thought was reliable. They went there in November ’07 to choose the eggs, based on information about the donors. Since his birth, Samuel has been kept in a Ukrainian orphanage.

[via AP]