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Former New Hampshire Marine stands up for marriage equality

A former Marine is working to keep Republicans in New Hampshire from repealing the gay marriage law with a full page ad in the Union Leader newspaper. Craig Stowell says his 22-year-old brother Calvin is gay, and after he heard about two hearings to repeal gay marriage in New Hampshire, he had to speak out.

The ad begins, As a former Marine. I take freedom very seriously…

Gay marriage became legal in New Hampshire in 2009 when Democrats controlled the legislature. Now Republicans are in control, and two Republican representatives have filed bills to repeal the law. Governor John Lynch has said he would veto a repeal.

Stowell says, “When I came back from Iraq, I married the woman of my dreams in my grandparents’ back yard…. Calvin was my best man and I just hope one day I get to be his.”

[via CBS Boston]