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Learn more about Connecticut Fertility Clinic. Ask Dr. Doyle

QUESTION: Can you tell me a little more about Connecticut Fertility Clinic? How many families have you helped?

Dr. Doyle: CT Fertility is state-of-the art full-service fertility clinic in CT and NYC that specializes in egg donation, surrogacy and international IVF. CT Fertility has helped over 4,000 families to have a baby, including over 500 LGBT families. The clinic personally recruits, screens and matches all of their egg donors; provides all of the required laboratory services on-site; and guides the surrogates and parents through every aspect of the journey. They encourage non-anonymous donations and have several cost-saving egg sharing programs, package programs, and even a money-back guarantee. The clinic also provides counseling services, wellness alternatives, and even acupuncture to supplement the medical process.

Getting started is sometimes the hardest part, and knowing where to start can be confusing. Many people wonder how to compare clinics and agencies, and where to begin.

Ask Dr. Doyle