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EuroPride to challenge Italy’s ‘homophobic parliament’

Over one million people will be part of Rome’s Pride Festival, and Lady Gaga is going to entertain them. The US singer is to address the crowds with a message of support for gay rights in Italy, which lacks legislation against homophobic attacks and does not allow gay civil unions. The EuroPride parade will make its way through the city centre and end with a concert and rally in the Circus Maximus, an ancient Roman arena. Vladimir Luxuria, a former member of Italy’s parliament, said homophobia is on the rise there. ‘This parliament is homophobic. The fish stinks from the head and we have a prime minister who is a gay-basher,’ said Ms Luxuria, a transsexual who has just published a novel linking homophobia in World War II to the present day.

[via RTE News]