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Iowa Republicans advocating for marriage equality will increase

Freedom to marry is an issue that directly aligns with the conservative beliefs of limited government and personal freedom. Former state Sen. Jeff Angelo [pic], an Ames Republican, said his newly launched group, Iowa Republicans for Freedom, is only the beginning of more Republican-centric organizations advocating for same-sex rights, including civil marriage. “Iowa is in the perfect position to start the conversation about how the Republican platform can get back to its conservative roots and back to being a party that stands for true conservative values, like limited government,” he said.

Angelo is a heterosexual father of three who identifies as an evangelical Christian. He regularly attends the Ames Evangelical Free Church. While he still considers himself “very much an activist Republican,” Angelo said he, and other Republicans, are recognizing banning same-sex marriage violates the widely-held conservative belief of personal freedoms.

via Iowa Independent