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Bullied Arizona teen speaks with Obama and Biden regarding a gay youth advisor to the White House

Caleb Laieski, a 16-year old bullied youth from Arizona, was invited to the White House to share his experience. Laieski was one of the few youth chosen to meet with President Obama. While meeting with him, Laieski proposed he appoint an LGBT youth advisor to the President; to specifically address anti-LGBT bullying and other major issues that LGBT youth face. Bullying led Caleb to pursue his GED instead of a high school diploma. Laieski lost a close friend his age to suicide last year. This friend faced similar circumstances to Laieski’s experience with bullying, and since this experience, he has had several other friends with whom Laieski has a close relationship, attempt suicide due to the same systematic and sustained harassment in public schools.

Article adapted by Proud Parenting via original press release