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Anderson Cooper shines light on bullying

CNN, Facebook, Cartoon Network and Time Inc. have teamed for a special multi-platform effort aimed at anti-bullying. A special audience of students, parents, educators and policy makers will help Anderson Cooper reveal the results of a six-month long pilot study that provides new insight about why kids bully each other and how parents and educators can more effectively stop the problem. Cooper and guests will question whether new legislation, laws and significant media attention has helped the bullying prevention efforts. Anderson Cooper 360° will air a week-long series focused on bullying. “Too many kids have died already; too many kids are living in fear. At AC360 we decided to look into the problem by sponsoring an extensive study of bullying in one school to better understand the dynamics,” said Cooper “what we learned by focusing on one school was eye opening. The problem of bullying is far more complex than it is often portrayed, and while there are no easy solutions, we’ve learned some things that lead me to believe that with enough attention, we can make life better for kids”

[via CNN.com Blogs]