Dr. Doyle of CT Fertility calls for ethical surrogacy standards in groundbreaking Paris conference

Surrogacy in France is illegal and still controversial, yet an increasing number of French people who cannot have children on their own are turning to various surrogacy and egg donation arrangements abroad. Attempts to change the law are hotly debated and even presidential candidates are taking sides. American experts, a surrogate mother, French parents and academics recently weighed in on the topic that divides France. Instead of pros or cons, they concentrated on providing guidelines on how surrogacy can be carried out ethically. The ethical principles Dr. Doyle (pic) outlined include fully informing and protecting surrogates and donors from medical and psychological risks, treating them with dignity and respect, and considering the long term well being of all involved, including the surrogates’ families, and the children they help create.

Article adapted by Proud Parenting from original press release.

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