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Gay dad helps foster kids find families

David Wing-Kovarik and his partner, Conrad are raising two sibling boys, but their journey to parenthood wasn’t easy. That’s why they formed Families Like Ours. It began as a simple online resource for LGBT people wanting to foster or adopt. But as word spread about its growing expertise and its success in helping foster placements and adoptions, more diverse people started coming to the group for help. “It doesn’t matter if you’re gay, straight, pink, purple, orange, polka-dotted, from Mars, from the moon or any other place,” Wing-Kovarik said. “If you think you can make a difference with these kids, you should be stepping forward to do to this. It’s unacceptable that families are faced with barriers that are put in their way because of a myth, a misunderstanding, miscommunication … preventing a child from having a family just because (other people) just don’t like what that family looks like.”

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