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Board member of Boy Scouts resigns in protest of lesbian leader’s dismissal

A board member of the Ohio River Valley Council of the Boy Scouts of America has resigned in the wake of Jennifer Tyrrell (pic), the leader of her son’s Tiger Cub group who was forced out last month because she is gay. In his resignation letter to local Boy Scout officials, Sims wrote: “I understand that this action was taken as a result of a standing policy of the Boy Scouts of America and that said action is legal. However, Ms. Tyrrell’s removal goes against my fundamental beliefs of how we should treat our fellow human beings and is, in my opinion, wholly discriminatory. I understand that the Boy Scouts of America is free to run its organization as it sees fit, however, I can not formally be a part of it based upon this policy.” Sims had served on the board since the start of the year and said he was not fully aware of the policy barring gay leaders.

via The Columbus Dispatch