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Tips for kids with gay parents who get teased

All children will likely get teased at some point, and there isn’t much that that parents can do about it. However, when a child has gay parents, it often opens the door to teasing that is much more targeted and intense, and that can prove difficult to manage, says parent advocate Sue Scheff.

If you’re a gay parent who is concerned that their child is getting teased, encourage your child to:

  • Speak to a teacher: There are rules against bullying in schools today. Make your child aware that teasing or bullying him because his parents are gay is a hate crime and one that will not be tolerated in the school.
  • Understand their situation: Urge your child to talk to you about any questions that they might have about your relationship. The more children understand their family, the more comfortable they can be in their own skin.
  • Be educated: Many children are uneducated about gay couples and may feel like they are the only children with gay parents. Help your child to learn about other gay families and be educated enough to answer common questions that may arise.
  • Sue Scheff is an Author and Parent Advocate. She founded Parents’ Universal Resource Experts in 2001. P.U.R.E. is an organization that helps parents with struggling teens. Learn more at www.suescheff.com and email Sue at suescheffauthor@gmail.com.

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