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Mennonite minister guilty of kidnapping daughter of lesbian mother

Kenneth Miller of Virginia, was found guilty of the abduction of 10-year old Isabella Miller-Jenkins. The jury deliberated only a few hours before finding him guilty of helping Lisa Miller (r) take the girl to Central America after she denounced homosexuality and lost a series of family court battles in Vermont with her former partner, Janet Jenkins (l). He faces the possibility of three years in prison.

Jenkins and Miller were joined in a civil union in Vermont in 2000. After in vitro fertilization, Miller gave birth to Isabella two years later.

Miller filed to dissolve the union in 2003. She got custody of Isabella, but a Vermont court gave Jenkins visitation rights. She increasingly embraced conservative Christian ideals and renounced homosexuality. Kenneth Miller, no relation to Lisa, said he acted in Christian solidarity with her decision to reject homosexuality.

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