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Trevor Project’s suicide prevention program is first and best for LGBTQ youth

After review by experts for adherence to standards, The Trevor Project’s cornerstone education program – Trevor Lifeguard Workshop – is a best practice for suicide prevention. It is the first training to address the unique needs of LGBTQ youth in the “SPRC/AFSP Best Practices Registry for Suicide Prevention”. The school-based training program is appropriate for middle, high school and college age students.

“As a best practice training for suicide prevention, Trevor Lifeguard Workshops are among the few programs that are available to schools to train life-saving, life-affirming skills to students. They provide a vital resource to our schools at a time when the mental health of students is being addressed nationally as evidenced today by the Mental Health Awareness and Improvement Act, which was approved to move to the Senate floor,” said Abbe Land, Executive Director and CEO of The Trevor Project. “With this recognition in the national best practices registry, educators and school administrators can feel confident that the Trevor Lifeguard Workshop’s curriculum is based on the most current research regarding suicide prevention education.”

Article adapted by Proud Parenting from original press release