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Are we raising an ungrateful generation?

Our generation survived just fine without the convenience of cell phones, computers, and high speed internet. We didn’t need video games and 500 channels on cable TV to keep us entertained — we were too busy playing dodgeball in the streets with our neighbors until dusk. Whether our families were rich or poor, we appreciated the food on the table and the clothes on our back. People were judged on their merits and behavior, not by the designer labels they wore or the size of their bank accounts.


In 50 years society has progressed to a generation that feels entitled to the latest in material acquisitions. People no longer have the patience to wait for what they want by working towards their goals. They have abandoned simplicity in favor of extravagance. This is not the world our children and grandchildren should be raised in.

There are too many teenagers out there today who are wondering what their parents have done for them. They’re crossing boundaries I never dreamed of stepping over in my youth. Older values have given way to self-centeredness and greed in a throwaway society. Social networks and the anonymity behind a computer screen have enabled our children to forget their manners. Disrespect for authoritative figures is being reinforced by popular television programs that degrade adults.

Can we fix the situation, or should we make peace with generational evolution?

via Marcia Kester Doyle for HuffPo