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One little girl’s crusade to help her gay uncles get married

An Australian eight-year-old named Abbey is desperate to see her gay uncles, Gregory and his partner, Michael, legally married. She’s taking her cause all the way to the prime minister.

According to her uncle’s blog, every day for a week Abbey has written to Prime Minister Tony Abbott asking him to change the law and make same-sex marriage legal.

As Abbey mentions in one of the letters, Storer and Barnett are on a reality-TV show called Living With the Enemy in which they share a house with a virulently homophobic Anglican minister.

Whether the little girl’s letters are a publicity ploy for a strange reality show, a genius strategy in the quest for same-sex marriage rights in Australia, or the genuine outpouring of love for an uncle (or all of the above), it’s got to be hard to say no to this drawing of Abbey with uncles Gregory and Michael.

via TakePart